Italian food exports to reach 50 billion euros by 2021

The most important markets for Italy are the USA, Germany and France, according to ISTAT data analyzed by the Italian food industries association Federalimentare
Italian food exports to reach 50 billion euros by 2021

With an unprecedented double-digit increase, by 2021 Italian food exports will reach the target of 50 billion euro – set for 2020 and blocked by the pandemic outbreak. Ivano Vacondio (in the photo above), president of Federalimentare (the association of Italian food industries) comments on the records that Italian food sales are breaking abroad: “These numbers make us proud and satisfied, even if they do not take us by surprise. We knew that the goal was close”.

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According to latest ISTAT data, Italian exports of non-durable consumer goods, of which food represents a large part, grew by +15.2% in June 2021 compared to June 2020 (when agri-food exports had increased by +1.6%). In the six-month period, the trend increase is +11.5% (compared to +2.2% in 2020).


Among the markets to which Italy exported the most were the USA, which registered a +6.4% increase in the period January-April, while Germany (up +2.8%), and France (+2%) strengthened their previous quarterly performances.

Among the leading European markets was Switzerland, which recorded an increase by +11.2% in the four-month period. Among the largest non-European markets, some markets in the Far East reported strong growth in January-April, starting with China (up +50.2%), alongside South Korea (+52.4%), Vietnam (+37.3%), and Malaysia (+36.6%). The growth of the market in Russia should also be underlined: +18% despite the embargo.

Despite the fact that there are still those who try to undermine the excellence of Made in Italy and our Mediterranean diet, the numbers speak clearly: more and more consumers around the world appreciate the products of Italian F&B” – says Mr Vacondio.

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