Prosciutto di Parma PDO included in CNN Traveller’s “The world’s 50 best foods”

Italy’s “king of hams” comes in 31st place. In the ranking we can also find Lasagna (23rd place), and Pizza Napoletana (on the podium in second place)
Prosciutto di Parma PDO included in CNN Traveller’s “The world’s 50 best foods”

The famous CNN Traveller’s ranking “The World’s best foods” has been updated a few months ago, confirming Prosciutto di Parma PDO in 31st place. Two other Italian food specialties are still in the ranking too: Neapolitan pizza (again on the podium, in second place) and Lasagna (23rd place).

Since 2011 the CNN editorial board dedicated to tourism has been conducting a survey among its readers. They are asked to vote for their favorite foods, and the aim is to stimulate knowledge of food traditions by inspiring readers in choosing the destination for their next trip. The latest list of the 50 World’s Best Foods, updated as of April 2021 and substantially unchanged from the previous version, is a real journey around the world of taste: “We’ve scoured the planet for what we think are 50 of the most delicious foods ever created”, CNN said on their website.

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The ranking is the result of American gastronomic history as influenced by the melting pot of foreign cultures. Even though many top-quality products are missing, the list is definitely varied with Vietnamese, Indian, Venezuelan, Japanese, and Chinese foods and dishes. However, there are also some products that are typically associated with American cultures, such as popcorn, ketchup, and donuts.

Prosciutto di Parma PDO’s presence in the ranking confirms its growing fame and solid reputation in the United States. Just think that in 2017 it came only in 48th place. CNN readers rewarded the Italian tradition, the unmistakable flavor, and mildness of Parma ham, and its versatility in pairings – especially with pizza, melon, breadsticks, and salads.

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