Italy’s fresh kiwis to land in China

The bilateral agreement on the requirements for exports by hold ship has been signed

The addendum to the agreement for the export of Italian kiwis to China – which simplifies and speeds up the shipments of Italy’s kiwifruit to the great Asian market – was signed last Tuesday at the Italian Foreign Ministry headquarters.

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The occasion for the signing was provided by the visit of the Chinese delegation led by Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who came to Rome as part of a European tour that will then take him to the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and finally France.


With the signing of the agreement by the Director of the Central Phytosanitary Service Bruno Caio Faraglia and the Chinese Ambassador to Italy Li Junhua, the two countries share the possibility of reducing the time needed to meet the requirements for the exports of kiwis as widely requested by Italian operators in the sector. The signing completes the Protocol on phytosanitary requirements for the export of kiwifruit from Italy to China, which was signed in 2009.

In particular, the technical agreement extends the possibilities of cold treatment against harmful organisms – that is necessary to allow exports – not only in the warehouse before shipment but also during the voyage by ship, reducing the time needed by at least two weeks and simplifying the certification procedures.

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