Italy and Germany united against Nutriscore

Italy’s and Germany’s MEPs of the S&D and EPP parties ask EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides to indicate a scientifically based approach to be followed by the future EU food labelling system

On May, 20 the European Commission will present the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy which, within the Green Deal project, will indicate the approach to be followed on the future food labelling system in Member States. “Italy’s and Germany’s MEPs of the S&D and EPP parties from the Agriculture, Health and Internal Market Committees of the European Parliament formed a joint front against the introduction of the Nutriscore food label – said Italian MEP Paolo De Castro, coordinator at ComAgri –. The goal is to favour a European system that is voluntary and harmonized, transparent on the value and quality of nutrients, conveying information that be clear and not misleading for consumers”.

That is why Italian and German MEPs sent a letter to the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, to indicate the approach to be followed for the future EU food labelling system.

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According to Paolo De Castro, the joint action “is above all an important assumption of responsibility on the part of German MEPs, after their government announced its support for Nutriscore in March. We are deeply convinced that consumers need complete and scientifically certain information about the product they are buying. They do not need ultra-simplicistic systems such as Nutriscore, which only aim to influence their purchasing choices and transform high-quality products such as extra virgin olive oil into ‘bad’ food, and any seed oil into ‘good’ food from a nutritional point of view. We therefore ask Commissioner Kyriakides her commitment to scientifically assess all the labelling schemes implemented by Member States, also involving Efsa” – De Castro says.

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