Coronavirus, Vinitaly cancelled and postponed to 2021

The choice of VeronaFiere: “The health crisis has worsened and what we hoped for is no longer possible. Extraordinary investments in events abroad will be made”

After an attempt to postpone the trade show, Vinitaly 2020 has been eventually cancelled due to coronavirus crisis. The international wine fair will take place in 2021, from 18 to 21 April at Veronafiere, as scheduled, while extraordinary investments will be made on wine events abroad. This was officially announced by a statement from VeronaFiere’s board, which launched a sort of ‘new deal’ in order to tackle the post-coronavirus time.

Veronafiere, as the direct organiser of its exhibitions, due to the Coronavirus epidemic has had to reposition within two weeks a calendar of about 70 events scheduled this year in Italy and abroad, some of which are strongly rooted in their seasonality.


The persistence of the coronavirus disease in Italy and the recent spread in Europe and in the world have made it impossible to postpone this decision. For these reasons, the Board of directors has made decisions on several aspects that are essential for the continuation of VeronaFiere’s activities. Among these, the redefinition of goals, strategies and investments for the safety of products, customers and the business of related sectors” said the President of VeronaFiere, Maurizio Danese.

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According to the Director General of VeronaFiere, Giovanni Mantovani, “the post-emergency is what we call rebirth, which until the last moment we continued to trust could happen in June. But the health crisis has worsened and what initially seemed possible now is no longer possible. Vinitaly, Sol & Agrifood and Enolitech are therefore moving on to 2021. For this reason, in addition to working with extraordinary investments on our international events – Vinitaly Chengdu, Vinitaly China Road Show, Wine South America (23-25 September, 2020), Vinitaly Russia (26 and 28 October, 2020), Vinitaly Hong Kong (5-7 November, 2020), Wine To Asia (9-11 November, 2020) and the initiatives of the Vinitaly International Academy (Via) – we are working for the Italian wine sector and the promotion system to consider the creation of an innovative event next autumn,” Mantovani concludes.

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