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Masi Wine Bar lands in Munich

The new flagship store of Italy’s leading Amarone wine producer is to open in the luxury street Maximilianstrasse

Masi Agricola, a company listed on AIM Italia at the Milan Stock Exchange and among the Italian leaders of premium Amarone wine production, is to open a new flagship store in Munich. The Masi Wine Bar Munich, opening by spring 2020, will be located in the extremely central Maximilianstrasse, the prestigious international street of luxury, at the famous “Campari Haus” address.

Masi CEO Federico Girotto said: “The opening in the extremely central Maximilianstrasse is designed to diversify the Masi Wine Experience. Indeed, the Masi Wine Bar will enjoy an ultra-premium urban position in the very heart of the best shopping experience, thereby enriching our brand with further meanings, strengthening its lifestyle dimension and taking Italian wine into the elite range of major international brands.”

Masi Marketing Director Raffaele Boscaini added: “This initiative will allow us to benefit from a closer contact with German consumers, because the visibility and appeal of Maximilianstrasse involve a truly international public. We will be developing a real brand house, also thanks to the warmth and hospitality of our sites.”



This operation also allows Masi to show its support for the recently-adopted new corporate distribution strategy with the importer and distributor Eggers & Franke Group, thereby assuring a concrete segmentation according to positioning-price and distribution channel.

The subsidiary Masi Wine Bar Munich GmbH, the joint venture managed together with the Germany company D&F Marketing GmbH as minority shareholder, operating in luxury catering services on the aircraft of leading international airlines, will be managing the premises in line with the other Masi flagship wine bar restaurants.


With the Masi Wine Experience, the long-standing company has opened up the doors of its venues to its consumers: in Valpolicella, with the possibility of visiting the Masi cellars and noble Possessioni Serego Alighieri; at Tenuta Canova, in Lazise del Garda, where the tour goes hand in hand with the discovery of local cuisine and perfect wine accompaniments; at Canevel Spumanti, a castle in the heart of Valdobbiadene; in the Masi Wine Bar and Restaurant in Cortina d’Ampezzo and Zurich; at Masi Tupungato in Argentina, where visitors are welcomed to an entirely environmentally-sustainable business in a real oasis of biodiversity. The latest project is the Masi Wine Discovery Museum, designed to allow for a full-immersion experience within Tenuta Canova.

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