Parmacotto acquires Salumi Boschi Fratelli

The leading Italian cooked ham company goes on enhancing the excellence of the Parma territory with the historic producer of cured meats from Felino
Parmacotto acquires Salumi Boschi Fratelli

The project to promote local excellent products, as evidenced by the “Siamo Cotti di Parma” campaign, has led Italy’s cooked ham company Parmacotto to the hills of Felino. Here is where Salumi Boschi Fratelli – a historic cured meats brand synonymous with quality for over 100 years – is based. The acquisition confirms the entrepreneurial vision of Parmacotto that recognizes in its territory of origin and its excellence a value to be promoted and supported.

Professionalism, excellence and passion are the basis of the philosophy that has guided Boschi Fratelli for over a century in the production and processing of branded cured meats.


In addition to enriching the product range with Salame di Felino PGI, Prosciutto Crudo di Montagna and all the other cold cuts in the range, it was in fact the profound sharing of values that catalyzed Parmacotto’s investment in Boschi Fratelli company.

The entrepreneurial vision that has guided us in this operation goes far beyond the commercial nature of our range’s expansion. We strongly believe that Parma and its products are a heritage to be promoted in Italy and all over the world as well as strategic assets to which we can direct our commitment,” said Giovanni Zaccanti, president of Parmacotto.

Parmacotto has chosen to invest in Salumi Boschi Fratelli to confirm its mission of becoming an aggregating centre that brings together all the great brands of our territory. These can guarantee quality and respect of tradition, and we have the strength of making theme known all over the world” added Andrea Schivazappa, Managing Director of Parmacotto.

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