EU: Glyphosate, Imported Grains Are Safe

Satisfaction of the Italian milling companies association after the assurances of the European Commission
EU: Glyphosate, Imported Grains Are Safe

Import grains in the European Union are safe, and traces of glyphosate are reduced to a minimum – however within the limits set by the regulations. This is what the EU Commission said answering to a question from an Italian MEP about public control activities carried out on imported grains. The data provided by the Commission show that 90.9% of the wheat samples examined do not contain detectable glyphosate residues, and that 9.1% contain residues well below the permitted limits. None of the samples tested contain glyphosate residues above maximum limits.


The clarifications provided by the European Commission leave no room for doubt or interpretation,” says Cosimo De Sortis, President of Italmopa (Italian milling companies association)and confirm what has already been said on several occasions by our association against the alarms that fuels confusion and fear among consumers of products obtained from the processing of wheat, such as bread and pasta.”

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The Italian milling industry”, continues De Sortis, “is a flagship of the Made in Italy food industry thanks to its unique ability to identify, select and process the best grains, regardless of their origin. Their compliance, as well as that of the flours obtained from them, with current health and hygiene regulations to protect the health of consumers has always been an imperative priority for our industry. To think of solving the structural problems of Italian cereal growing by raising doubts about the healthiness of imported wheat – which has always been indispensable for both quantitative and qualitative reasons – is a reckless and deplorable attitude and, above all, it is detrimental to the consumers’ right to be properly informed” – concluded the President of Italmopa.

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