Prosecco Doc Protagonist in Japan

The renown Italian sparkling wine’s protection Consortium is paying more and more attention to this major market in the Far East, with a series of events and initiatives aimed at spreading the knowledge of Prosecco
Prosecco Doc Protagonist in Japan

we have great confidence in the potential of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between EU and Japan, that entered into force on 1 February 2019. It should give a significant boost to current trade with Japan thanks to the complete elimination of duties, now 15%, on Italian wines exports.” This is what the president of the Consortium for the protection of Prosecco Doc, Stefano Zanette, declared during the programme of initiatives organized also this year in Japan to spread the knowledge of the Italian most renown sparkling wine.


Shipments to Japan amounted to about 500,000 bottles in the first 4 months of 2019. With an average consumer price of 1,500 Yen per bottle (equal to 12.5 euros per bottle), this generated a turnover of 6,250,000 euro. In fact, Japanese consumers prefers wines of higher quality, and Japanese operators therefore import Prosecco with greater value (+25%) compared to the world average.


Moreover, surprisingly harmonious combinations between the Venetian-Friulian sparkling wine and the typical Japanese gastronomy are becoming increasingly evident. “The freshness, moderate alcohol content and effervescence of the sparkling version – continues Zanette make Prosecco Doc extraordinarily versatile to accompany Japanese cuisine. This is particularly true for dishes such as sushi, sashimi and Washoku traditional cuisine in general.”


After “Italy, my love!” – which took place on July 6 and 7 in the Akasaka Sakas building in Tokyo where the Tbs television station is located – the Prosecco Doc Road Show was held from 22 through 26 July in Tokyo and in the cities of Fukuoka, Osaka and Kanazawa. The event started at the presence of Tsutomu Ochiai, the most famous Japanese Chef of Italian Cuisine, who celebrated Prosecco – emphasizing its intrinsic characteristics of freshness and ready to drink – with the sound of “Let’s Agree!”.


On July 24th the Educational Day Tokyo took place. During which, among press conferences, master classes, walk around tasting, the famous Japanese cartoonist Mari Yamazaki, a fan of Italy and a great connoisseur of Prosecco, was nominated as “Prosecco DOC Brand Ambassador”. On August 1st the ‘Prosecco Month’ opened, a program that involves more than 150 restaurants throughout the country. During the initiative, which aims to promote the sale of Prosecco Doc bottles and glasses, the products of 24 companies will be offered (Antonio Facchin & Figli, Biancavigna, Bosco del Merlo, Bottega, Cantina Pizzolato, Casere, Castello di Roncade, De Stefani, Fidora, La Gioiosa, La Marca, Le Contesse, Le Rughe, Masottina, Piera Martellozzo, Riccardo, Serana Wines 1881, Sessantacampi – Az. Agricola Luigino Zago, Tenuta Sant’Anna, Tenuta Santomè, Torresella, Valdo, Villa Sandi, Viticoltori Ponte), some of which are already on display on the Japanese market.


All these activities are carried out in collaboration with the Tokyo ICE – Italian Trade Agency office and with the support of Cuisine Kingdom specialized publication, as well as the Association of Italian Cooks in Japan (Acci). The Prosecco Doc Consortium will also be present at all the public events of the Italian rugby national team on the occasion of the Rugby World Cup matches, from 13 September to 6 October, in the cities of Ueda, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Toyota.

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