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Beer, Italy Goes Global

Today all over the world people celebrate the International Beer Day, dedicated to one of the oldest, most popular and appreciated drinks in the world. AssoBirra: growing production and consumption in Italy

According to data from AssoBirra Monitor (the observatory of Italy’s beer producers association), in recent years the production and supply of beers have expanded and grown significantly throughout Italy thanks to the creativity of Italian master brewers. The sector today plays a leading role in the economy and exports of Italy’s F&B (+6.6% in 2018, for a volume of 3 million hectoliters). Up to 77% of Italians drink beer, and Italy comes now in ninth place in Europe as for production, with over 9,000 different labels.


On the occasion of the International Beer Day, AssoBirra’s analysis shows that large and small Italian producers are positively affected by the lowering of taxes, which has also supported the growth of consumption. The more favourable taxation has given a boost to the sector, generating an increase in production – supported by an efficient agricultural chain and high-quality local raw materials – and encouraging investment with positive effects also for employment.

Discover some authentic Italian beer labels on the platform:

Birra San Marco – Birra Venezia



Birra Venezia



Monkey Harvest Ipa Mastri Birrai umbri – Farchioni Olii Spa


SognoDoro – American Pale Ale Beer – La Buttiga



Polka Beer – La Buttiga

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