Prosecco, an Educational Tour from Germany

A German press delegation in Italy to discover the most important Italian sparkling wine

Five German journalists have been hosted some days ago by the Consortium for the Protection of Prosecco PDO. Rose Marie Donhauser, Reiner Veit, Tanja Marschal, Jürgen Röder, Herald Scholl, and Juliane Tietz visited the production area, curious to discover all the secrets of Prosecco Dreamland. The group was guided by the representative of Casa Prosecco Germany.


On the first day in Treviso, the Consortium received the delegation to introduce the German hosts to the fundamental elements of Prosecco Denomination of origin: basic information, territory of production, history, varieties of grapes authorized for the production, and wine-making processes. And finally, perhaps the most awaited session: how to deal with the tasting of the most famous Italian sparkling wine, in different types and styles.


The second day was dedicated to the discovery of the Prosecco territory and the places of production: Biancavigna, Borgoluce and Borga, respectively in Ogliano, Susegana, and Chiarano. Prosecco Doc territory goes as far as Trieste, near which there is the village from which the famous name comes.

On the third day, the delegation moved to Friuli Venezia Giulia for a full immersion in the immense CA’ Bolani estate. From here you can easily reach Aquileia, archaeological site recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1998. Before the transfer to the airport from which the delegation boarded to return to Germany, they visited the charming city of Trieste.


Germany is the third destination market for exports of Prosecco (10.6% of the total). It is therefore the target country for numerous promotion, marketing, and information activities undertaken by the Consortium. Recently, the Consortium attended four initiatives in Germany:

  • The Authentic Italian Table, a day of promotion of Italian food and wine products aimed at Bavarian media and consumers;
  • A seminar at the University of Geisenheim;
  • Eventhorizon, the Energy Block Chain Conference at the presence of international players in the field of renewable energy;
  • Afterworks, at Mindspace Friedrichstraße, Berlin.
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