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Red Gold from Europe at SIAL China

The Italian association of preserved tomatoes manufacturers presented its three-year promotional programme in China, Korea, and Japan

ANICAV – Associazione Nazionale Industrie Conserve Alimentari e Vegetali (the Italian association of preserved tomatoes manufacturers) – has chosen SIAL China 2019 as a prestigious opportunity to launch the three-year programme ‘Red Gold from Europe’. Co-financed by the European Commission, it is aimed at promoting quality tomato preserves in three strategically important Asian markets such as China, South Korea, and Japan.

Taste, traceability, safety, and versatility are the keywords by which Red Gold from Europe wants to communicate the excellence that characterizes Italian tomato products, making them a masterpiece within the wide art gallery of European agri-food products.


According to ANICAV general manager, Giovanni De Angelis, “the exhibition of products, the promotional material, the cooking sessions coordinated by chef Andrea Rano, and the visibility of the claim and logos of the campaign during the promotional event on May 15 and during ‘La Cuisine’ have contributed to make the European and Italian tomato preserves undisputed protagonists of the event.” After SIAL China, the same programme was launched in South Korea and Japan with two promotional events in Seoul (on May 17) and Tokyo (May 20).

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