Discovering Fresh Italian Cheeses

Italian dairies like Mozzarella, Burrata keep on conquering shelves space all over the world year after year
Discovering Fresh Italian Cheeses

Mozzarella is more and more an exports driver of the Italian fresh cheeses sector. For years now, this segment has shown good growth rates on foreign markets. Moreover, the first 2016 data available (January to July) shows a positive trend in value for a total turnover of 237.61 million euros (source: Clal). The major foreign markets are France, the UK, Japan, and the United States.

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO – Spinosa

Within the category, there is in particular one product that is having a real boom and is gaining an enviable reputation all over the world: the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO. In 2017, exports were 32.35% of the entire production (+ 0.2% compared to 2016 and + 10.9% to 2015). The main export countries were, in descending order, Germany, France, Great Britain, United States, Switzerland, and Spain.

Mozzarella – Castelli


  • Buffalo Mozzarella: among all the different products, the ones based on milk from buffalo are the ones that are conquering the entire world for their unique taste;
  • Burrata: companies are beginning to offer this traditional specialty, which was, until recently, relatively unknown;
  • Organic: even if it is still small, the organic segment is one of best performing;
  • Special formats: ready-to-cook solutions are particularly appreciated, especially in the Horeca channel.
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Buffalo Mozzarella – Granarolo


To support and amplify the interest in the product in China, Granarolo has been producing mozzarella’s show cooking and tasting sessions around the country. Last August, in Chengdu, a mozzarella-themed cooking class was created to teach the best Italian recipes. Afterwards a dinner was held to try creations made by the Italian chef Giuseppe Tino.

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Burrata Nonno Archimede – Sabelli


In June 2018, Aldi supermarket chain hosted a two-week promotion for the 125 gram free-serving burratina Sabelli
in Germany . This kind of Burrata – another star among Italian fresh cheeses – has been included in a promotional flyer with a dedicated packaging, suggesting its ‘Italianness’. The initiative showed excellent results both for volumes developed and Sabelli brand image.

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