Mortadella Bologna PGI Conquering Foreign Markets

Germany and Japan are driving exports, which are also growing in France and Hong Kong. This year the protection Consortium becomes 'of age'
Mortadella Bologna PGI Conquering Foreign Markets

Mortadella Bologna PGI export sales, the cured meat which is a symbol of the capital of Emilia Romagna, increased by almost 9% in 2018. And if it is true that 84% of the Mortadella produced is still consumed in Italy, it is also true that exports are increasing year after year.


Within the borders of the European Union, the top importers are France and especially Germany. So much so that in Germany sales grew by 33% in one year. “This is mainly due to over-the-counter packaging, pre-sliced meats that until recently could not be exported in this form – explains the president of the Mortadella Bologna protection Consortium, Corradino Marconi -. On the occasion of its 18 years, the Consortium is preparing to make changes to the production rules, which in the mixture of the cured meat provide for the elimination of glutammate in addition to the use of only natural flavors. The only problem in the immediate future is the increase in pork prices as a result of the spread of swine fever in China.We use national meat and there is no health risk. The controls are rigorous and constant – explains Marconi – but meat prices are rising also in Italy and this may have bad consequences.”


Mortadella Bologna PGI sales are also growing in Japan and Hong Kong.These countries appreciate Italian food and culture. Moreover, unfair competition from Italian sounding has not yet taken hold there,” comments Marconi, who is looking to new goals for the product and its producers. With 33 million kilos sold in 2018, Mortadella Bologna PGI is worth 320 million euros. “We are working steadily to achieve further growth results in quantity and added value this year as well. This cured meat is characterized by a high nutritional value with a composition of noble proteins, minerals and unsaturated fats perfectly in line with the guidelines of modern food science.”

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