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Masi: Italian Wine Speaking Chinese

The Italian leading winery inaugurated its profile on WeChat China reaching over a billion users

Masi, ‘Mr. Amarone’s Italian winery’, is now also on WeChat, the messaging application developed by the Chinese company Tencent. It is the most widespread messaging application in Asia, offering a mix of different services similar to those already present in WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and much more. At the beginning of 2019, Masi inaugurated its Chinese profile to enhance brand awareness and consolidate its presence in the Asian market, which it has been operating for more than 20 years now.


The official WeChat account, in addition to being an important international showcase, guarantees the truthfulness and immediacy of the news by offering content rich in information and insights for the Chinese target. The aim is to create a ‘Masi Wine Community’ to interact directly with Chinese wine lovers and consumers, as well as being an instrument of extraordinary potential for the development of the brand on the Asian market.


At present, China is the fifth largest importer of wine in the world in terms of volume, the fourth largest in terms of value, and per capita consumption is steadily increasing. Italy has been able to progressively increase its presence in China, but it is far from having the leadership position it deserves. Italian wine needs to present itself and to communicate in a better way, just like the French have done by creating a strong image of excellence that today assures them an enviable primacy” commented Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi. “Masi has been working in China with high-profile, experienced partners for many years, and we immediately understood that having a well-thought-out strategy is of vital importance. That’s why it’s essential to analyze the market and speak to consumers in their own language”.


Masi was one of the first Italian brands, and the first producer of Amarone, to arrive in China. There it boasts a stable position with premium wines, among which Costasera Amarone and Campofiorin stand out, especially in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen. For more than 15 years, its permanent partner has been ASC Fine Wine, which represents some of the most famous international brands of quality wine. In June last year, Masi confirmed for the fifth consecutive year that it is one of the most active and effective wineries on social networks, according to strategic consultancy company Fleishman Hillard. It now confirms its leading position in the world of social networks with its Chinese profile on WeChat. A new element in its growth path.

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