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A New Nutella Café Inaugurated in NYC

Ferrero's own store opened last week at 116 University Place, in the Village

The myth of bread and Nutella comes to New York with a new Nutella Café. Ferrero’s own store opened last week in one of the trendiest locations in the Big Apple, at 116 University Place, in the Village. It lies in the middle of the New York City University campus area, with students from all over the world. The Nutella Café arrives in New York City after last year’s opening in Chicago, where it was also met with lots of hype and lots of lines. The menu is similar but there are some exclusive dishes. Among these, New Yorkers can find crêpes (with Nutella), frozen pops (made of Nutella), crème brûlée (with Nutella at the bottom), lattes (with Nutella), a grilled baguette (with Nutella on top), a brioche sandwich (with Nutella gelato), and chia and hemp seed pudding (with Nutella). Without forgetting the famous bread and Nutella.


NYC’s Café dedicated to Nutella swung open at noon last Wednesday, and apparently tons of people were lining up to sample the myriad of items slathered with the sweet Italian hazelnut spread. More than 100 people waited in line for debut of the new Union Square café. Nutella – the cult favorite spread owned by Italian chocolate company Ferrero – is now easily available at mainstream grocery stores, but the company has been expanding into the restaurant market for years now. Eataly American locations in Chicago, New York, and Toronto have all had Nutella counters and fountains within the store.

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