At Eataly NY: discovering the food of Trentino

From 16 to 30 September, many meetings and tastings are scheduled to promote the excellent food products of the Northern Italy area framed by the Dolomites mountains
At Eataly NY: discovering the food of Trentino

The food specialties of Trentino – an autonomous province of Northern Italy famous for the Dolomites mountain range and for its good quality of life – are the protagonists of a series of events and tastings in New York. They are taking place (16 to 30 September) thanks to the collaboration with Eataly. The partnership between the international chain dedicated to Italian food excellence (with 39 shops and 5,000 employees worldwide) the Autonomous Province of Trento, and ‘Trentino Sviluppo’ was signed last January.


The programme includes many in-store promotion events dedicated to products from Trentino, from wine to grappa, from cheeses to honeys and jams, from broth to filled pasta, as well as daily meetings to establish new business relationships. New Yorkers, journalists and bloggers can also deepen their knowledge of Trentino during the events “Food&Cinema: il Trentino nel piatto”, promoted in cooperation with the Trentino Film Commission, and “Food&Design: il canederlo sapore del territorio” in which handcrafted objects made in Trentino will be shown and used.



The US market is one of the pillars of Italian exports. The United States is, in fact, the third largest destination in the world for made in Italy products. Food is a driving sector, starting with cheese, pasta, and wine. If we consider Trentino, the ranking is even more positive. For this territory with its unique natural heritage, now also famous for its entrepreneurial innovation, the USA is the second largest market ever. In 2017 alone, exports amounted to more than 190 million euros. In the second half of 2018, export sales reached 98 million euros.


The partnership between the institutions of Trentino and Eataly was almost natural. The agreement led to the entry of new local products into the Eataly sales network around the world and the organisation of some promotional events. One of the most eagerly awaited is undoubtedly the one in New York. Two weeks in which the Downtown and Flatiron Eataly stores will be filled with an all-new atmosphere. From 16 to 30 September, in fact, it will be possible to taste Trentino dishes and wines in the chain’s restaurants, getting to know the producers, and discovering traditional recipes. Moreover, some excellent industrial design objects from Trentino will be presented. The activities of the Trentino Film Commission will be illustrated for global movie and television producers.


  • Food&Cinema: il Trentino nel piatto (September 18, Flatiron, by invitation). Tasting some specialties of Trentino cuisine, an audience of film and television producers from New York learned about the activities of the Trentino Film Commission. Some video excerpts have been showed, all about services and locations that are available to movie productions.
  • Food&Design: il canederlo sapore del territorio (September 20, Flatiron, by invitation). An opportunity to get to know a specialty of the culinary tradition of the Alps of Trentino, together with some examples of Trentino industrial design: a plate, a glass and light points designed and built by some companies from this region.
  • Class Consumer (September 21, 17:30-18:30, Flatiron, reservation is required). Public tasting of Trentino wine, grappa and cheeses.
  • Dinner for traders and B2B operators (September 25, Flatiron, by invitation only). A meeting for commercial operators, importers, distributors, food and beverage operators and restaurateurs with the presentation of all the Trentino companies involved in the initiative. On September 24, 25 and 26, business meetings will also be promoted in both Eataly shops.
  • In store promotion (Flatiron and Downtown). During both weeks, specific corners will be dedicated to the discovery and tasting of the food products from the Trentino-based companies.
  • Themed menu and wine list (Flatiron and Downtown). For the entire duration of the event, the restaurants inside the two Eataly points of sale will offer Trentino specialities such as cheese and honey, and a selection of local wines and grappas. During the two weekends (21-23 and 28-30 September, Flatiron) an Enoteca Trentina (Trentino winery) will be set up.
  • Shop party (September 22, Downtown). Promotional moment for all the Trentino companies present, open to the public.
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