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Italian Cold Cuts Enticing Taiwan

The Institute for the valorization of Italian cold cuts for the first time in Taiwan on the occasion of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, between presentation to the press, tastings, cooking shows, and B2B meetings

The Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani (IVSI, Institute for the valorization of Italian cold cuts) is to participate in the third edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World (November 19 – 25, 2018). An international event that will be strongly supported by the Italian government and public institutions, starting with Italy’s Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture.


In this year’s edition, IVSI – which has been part of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World since the first edition – has chosen to carry out its promotional activity in a completely new destination for Italian cured meats: Taiwan. The country has been open to imports of Italian cold cuts and pork meat for only eight months, exactly since March 9. Now, Taiwanese people will have the opportunity to enjoy the original Italian cured meats. A series of events have been organized by IVSI together with the Italian Trade Agency of Taipei. They are designed to present Italian delicatessen in Taiwan for the first time. Moreover, they will encourage opportunities for business meetings between the member companies of IVSI and local players.

IVSI-Italian cold cuts


Taiwan is a promising market for Italian cold cuts companies. Both for the high per capita pork meat consumption and the positive image of Made in Italy – said Francesco Pizzagalli, President of IVSI. According to ISTAT, in the first three months of market opening alone 643 kg of cured meats were exported for a value of 6,984 euros (90% of which are cured meats) and 142,000 kg of pork meat for a value of 374,000 euros. This is a good sign that bodes well for the future of our exports, considering that it has not yet been possible to export seasoned hams, which usually represent the main driving force behind Italian deli exports”.

Italian cold cuts


The days in Taipei will be intense and full of commitments – explained Monica Malavasi, Director of IVSI -. On November 21st, Italian companies will participate in a training meeting with local experts, visiting some of the city’s sales outlets. The day will end with a presentation to the press of Italian cold cuts followed by a networking dinner. On November 22nd, business meetings between Italian companies and local operators will be organized, as well as free tastings for restaurateurs and other commercial figures. On November 23rd, courses on Italian cold cuts will be held at the Kay Ping Culinary School, the most important cooking school in Taiwan, held by Italian chef Cristian Broglia. Finally, during the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World there will be no shortage of cured meats tastings in some selected restaurants in Taipei”.

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