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Pedon Winning the SIAL Innovation Award 2018

The Italian food company specialized in pulses-based products presents its ‘More than Rice’ line

At SIAL 2018, Italian legumes company Pedon won the SIAL Innovation Award thanks to its innovative ‘More than Rice’ line. Exports director Paolo Pedon explained all in this interview with Italianfood.net. “We are introducing a new range of ready-cooked pulses: lentils, chickpeas, beans, and soy – he said. It is a new generation of products, that are developed to provide more convenience to consumers. Moreover, thanks to our ‘More than Rice’ we won the SIAL Innovation Award this year. Once more, it is a new generation of products that are based on pulses. It is rice made with pulses. We change their shape to make them similar to rice. They can be prepared in just 9 minutes and they are suitable for any preparation that usually needs rice. Up to now, many consumers have already replaced rice with More than Rice”.

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