Italian wine promotion to be supported abroad

The Italian Ministry of Agriculture published the decree providing for 100 million euros for wine producers

More resources for overseas promotion of Italian wine are to be allocated by the Italian government. Under the OCM Vino (Wine CMO) decree, published last week, contributions will be paid to wine producers – to cover 50% of expenditure – to carry out promotion activities in non-EU countries for a total of around 100 million euros. This was communicated by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Policies regarding the presentation of the projects for the 2018/2019 “Promotion on third-country markets” wine year of the OCM Vino.


Now it is up to the companies. Today is an important step – says the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Gian Marco Centinaioto start building a new strategy for the sector. We are the world’s leading wine producer and our products are everywhere synonymous with excellence, but all this is not enough. An extra effort is needed. Targeted resources are needed: going to international markets, promotion is essential. We want to help our companies, reducing bureaucracy and investing even more in supply differentiation and quality“.


The following activities may be carried out:

Public relations, promotion and advertising actions highlighting the high standards of the EU’s products, in particular in terms of quality, food safety and environmental safety;

• Participation in events, trade shows, and international exhibitions;

• Information campaigns, in particular about EU systems of designations of origin, geographical indications, and organic production;

• Studies to evaluate the results of promotional activities. The expenditure for this action shall not exceed 3% of the total amount of the project submitted.

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