Prosecco DOC: growing success in Japan

To celebrate the recently signed free trade agreement with Japan, the protection Consortium - in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency - has organized a series of events in Tokyo

Prosecco Consortium is celebrating the free trade agreement signed between EU and Japan, a country that has recognized Prosecco as a product worthy of protection. The agreement, which takes the name of EPA, provides for a drastic reduction in duties for various consumer goods, including wine which is heavily penalized, especially in the sparkling version (+31%). “To underline the strong bond with Japan – says Zanettethe Consortium decided to anticipate some promotional activities. One of these is the Prosecco Month, scheduled in August at over 100 renowned restaurants in Tokyo and in the surrounding area, which concluded the Roadshow events“.



In cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency in Tokyo, the Italian Embassy in Japan and the Asia University, the Consortium for the protection of Prosecco DOC together with 13 producers has organized press conferences, presentations, and tastings in different locations of the Japanese capital. Starting with a press conference at the renowned traditional restaurant Kinsui-Chinzanso where, thanks to the chef and the famous Sommelier Akira Mizuguchi, the combination of Prosecco DOC and Japanese culinary tradition – Kaiseki style – reached its highest expression of excellence. Then there were some presentations at Asia University with teachers, hospitality management staff, and marketing students for the HO. RE. CA. sector, that is to say the future managers of the foodservice industry. In addition to deepening their knowledge, they were able to taste some kinds of Prosecco DOC in purity or mixed in cocktails made for the occasion by Hiroaki Nagashima, journalist of the magazine Hoters, as well as by many wine experts and bartenders. Finally some walk-around tastings realized by 13 Italian companies and reserved for wholesalers, restaurateurs, retailers, bloggers, and sommeliers took place at another restaurant in Tokyo, the Knock Mid-Town, winner of the Prosecco Month 2017 promotion for the highest number of sales of Prosecco DOC.


Contributing to strengthen the presence of Prosecco in Japan is a task that the Consortium intends to carry out“, concludes Stefano Zanette. “As the Italian Ambassador Giorgio Starace reminded us, at the end of 2019 Japan will host the Rugby World Cup and, in 2020, the long-awaited Tokyo Olympic Games of which we are also sponsor partners. These events are full of opportunities for the Italian food & beverage sector, that will be able to present its excellent products giving a further positive boost to the exports of Made in Italy to Japan“.

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