Chianti wine flies to China

Together with 56 Tuscan companies, the Consortium for the protection and promotion of the renowed Italian wine is to attend the Interwine trade show (18 to 20 May)
Chianti wine flies to China

The Chianti wine Consortium affirms its presence in China by attending the great Interwine trade show from 18 to 20 May. In Canton there will be 56 Tuscan companies with over 60 labels, in a stand of more than 100 square meters. These are the numbers of an important Italian participation in a market that requires a special attention. Interwine is a unique international showcase that attracts more than 50,000 international visitors twice a year. All the players of the sector such as buyers, importers, and sommeliers are present. About 52 countries will be represented among the stands distributed over an area of 50,000 square meters. Our presence in China comes at an excellent time for Italian exports – explains Giovanni Busi, president of the Chianti Wine Consortium. We have conquered a market share of 7%, which guarantees us the fourth place in the ranking of top Chinese importers. However, this climate of optimism is being ruined by the delay in the European CMO (Common Market Organisation for Wine) funds for promotion. By now, the implementing decree has not yet been issued – continues Busithus seriously compromising the autumn promotional activities that, as always, are directed towards Asian countries such as China and Japan.

Promotion problems

The Consortium has already complained about foreign promotion. The problem is the risk of exclusion of wine companies from European programmes for the next five years, due to an interpretation of a regulation – requested by Spain – that is causing panic. According to this interpretation, in the 2018-2023 programming European wine producers would not be able to access promotion programmes in those countries where this kind of activities has already been carried out for 5 years. It could be a disaster for Made in Italy – says Busi. All the work done so far, the investments and energy spent, would be wiped out. If this interpretation was passed, the damage to businesses and Made in Italy would be incalculable. Promotion is a long-term project, which goes well beyond 5 years. In the case of China, at least 10 years are needed. We are calling for political intervention, so that we do not find ourselves having to count the damages of an announced disaster.

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