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Cibus: Olio Bono bets on authenticity

At Cibus 2018 the extra virgin olive oil company presents all the benefits of its products range

Olio Bono, a Sicilian manufacturer of authentic extra virgin olive oil, was present at Cibus 2018 – the international food trade show in Parma – to display its wide range of products. In this exclusive interview with Italianfood.net, Olio Bono general manager Salvatore Russo-Tiesi explains the characteristics of the company’s products. Authenticity, certification, and quality. These – says Russo-Tiesi – are the most important characteristics when it comes to international market. Thanks to the PDO and PGI certification processes, international buyers and consumers can be sure about the authenticity of our product. A lot of measures – adds Russo-Tiesi – need to be met in order to get these certifications, and a specific recipe has to be followed. But only the real extra virgin olive oil can give great health benefits. As for export sales, Olio Bono is expanding greatly – says Russo-Tiesi – and our goal is to create platforms in every country to be better able and quickly able to communicate our message.

Watch here the complete interview:

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