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Ponti and the challenge of Apple vinegar

At Cibus 2018, the historic Italian company in the Balsamic Vinegar sector continues its research work applied to the evolution of consumer preferences

Undisputed champion of the success of Balsamic Vinegar in the world, Italian company Ponti is the historical leader of wine vinegar. Now, the bet for 2018 is apple vinegar, and it is on this product category – of which it is the leader with over 40% market share – that the company focuses in particular on the spotlight of its participation in the Cibus 2018, the 19th International Food Fair in progress until May 10 at Parma Fair. For almost 150 years Ponti has accomplished its mission for taste, with work of continuous research applied to the evolution of consumers habits and preferences. This commitment is shown in products that create real trends, but always strongly anchored to the value of the most authentic Italian tradition. Buyers will be able to discover the entire range of the company at Cibus, with over 200 products and lines exclusively dedicated to foreign markets, where Ponti – whose exports account for 25% of its turnover – intends to grow further in the future.

Ponti-Cibus 2018

The products range

Ponti has created a range specifically dedicated to Apple Vinegar, which has already won important awards – 100% Italian Ponti Apple Vinegar was in fact elected product of the year for 2018 – and which will be further implemented with new references. Among the latest novelties, it is worth highlighting the Unfiltered apple vinegar, the Apple vinegar flavored with Ambrosoli honey, and 100% Italian spray apple vinegar. Gastronomic glazes – another category that Ponti has enormously contributed to developing in consumer habits – will be presented at Cibus 2018 with a major expansion of the range. Responding to latest taste trends, three new Hot&Spicy glazes are coming: Turmeric glaze, Chilli Pepper glaze, and Ginger glaze. Turmeric glaze has been selected among the products displayed at the Cibus Innovation Corner. In the area of vegetable preserves, the company offers the new line ‘Semplicemente Ponti’: artichokes in wedges, dried tomatoes, peppers and grilled mushrooms, all in oil, gluten-free, and produced in Italy.

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