City Super, the premium food excellencies chain

Italian food is on the shelves among a wide range of international specialties in its Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan stores

The concept of City Super retail chain is built around the “Mega Lifestyle Specialty Store” idea, which makes it a unique, fashionable, and somewhat luxurious place. With 15 stores in Hong Kong, six in Shanghai, and seven in Taiwan, the chain’s main target consumers are individuals with a higher purchasing power: managers and professionals working in the city looking for exclusive products and, often, premium international specialties.

Enhancing the ‘grocerant’ formula

City Super offers a wide assortment of food products – imported from various international markets – as well as restaurant and snack bar services, enhancing the grocerant formula. Moreover, aside from food and beverages, the stores also offer other types of items such as gadgets, travel accessories, and beauty products. The strength of City Super is in its selection of constantly updated international specialties, including fresh products, which are not normally offered by its competitors. The range of Japanese products, very wide and comprehensive, is often supported by frequent in-store sales promotions and marketing activities.

Italian food products

The Italian counterpart is also just as established, offering several items including many regional specialties, such as Sicilian products. Overall, the best Italian sellers are Prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele, along with Parmigiano Reggiano, mozzarella, Gorgonzola, and Taleggio cheese, and the Granarolo, Ambrosi, and Zanetti brands. Among the emerging Italian food brands, customers can find Master with its wide range of fresh potatoes gnocchi, that can be considered a gourmet solution for retailers and consumers. Here below some pictures of the in-store promotion organized last March in Hong Kong by the Venetian company:

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