Italian food exports reach €29.8 billion

Export sales rose up 7% in the first nine months of 2017. The Italian Minister of Agriculture Maurizio Martina states: “The goal of 50 billion euros exports by 2020 is within our reach”

According to the latest Istat data on foreign trade, Made in Italy food exports reached 29.8 billion euros in the first nine months of 2017, up 7% on last year. In September alone, export sales reached 3.7 billion, up 6.4% compared to 2016.

The next goals

The goal of 50 billion euros exports by 2020 – said the Italian Minister for Agricolture, Maurizio Martina (in the picture) – is now within our reach. Many Italian companies have been able to cope with the crisis by looking for new markets, offering quality and distinctiveness. Our growth potential is still wide, especially considering the market area characterized by counterfeit or Italian sounding products. We have started a path that integrates the whole production chain, enhancing the talents of our chefs as well. A commitment in which Italy is the main player of over 1,000 events in more than a hundred countries, in the occasion of the ‘Week of Italian Cuisine’ scheduled from 20 to 26 November. An idea coming from Expo 2015, that is still useful to give a boost to our exports. For those who are still speaking about walls and customs duties, let’s put it out clear: 30 billion exports in 9 months, it’s practically what Italy exported in a whole year in 2014. Without fair rules, in open markets thousands of small and medium-sized companies could not face international competition. Protection and promotion must go together, especially for them.

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