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Leoncini is ready to explore new markets

The Italian charcuterie company presents Bruscotto, a flavored cooked ham with herbs resulting from a mix of Mediterranean herbs which combines taste and lightness

Leoncini’s latest novelty product is Bruscotto, which is a specialty targeting modern consumers, thanks to the mix of taste and lightness. Now, on the threshold of a hundred years of activity and a strong presence in 50 international markets, the group intends to raise the share of total export revenue, which was 70 million euro in 2016, up to 30%. The objective implies the expansion into new regions other than the European Union. Vittorio Leoncini, foreign sales manager of the company explains, We have an extensive product range, especially in prosciutto and cooked ham, defined, as always, by high quality standards. We also have certifications basically in all countries.

A high quality cooked ham

Bruscotto stands out amongst the latest product launches. It is part of the high-quality, cooked ham with herbs segment which is already widely distributed abroad in the best gourmet delis and restaurants. As Vittorio Leoncini adds, It is a bruschetta flavored ham resulting from a mix of Mediterranean herbs featuring tomato and rosemary. It is therefore suitable for a modern consumer looking for a nice taste which is also lean, refreshing, light, and easily digestible, where spices accompany the finest quality meat. The Leoncini family’s centuries-old experience in the delicatessen charcuterie market, in steaming and dry cooking, in drying and in traditional wood smoking, has turned the company into the most productive and most advanced reality in the tough Italian delicatessen cooked charcuterie market niche. Bruscotto follows this trend by reinventing a product which is increasingly appreciated by the consumer.

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