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Armando: all the good of pasta

At Anuga 2017, the Italian pasta company De Matteis presents the export strategies for its wide products range

The strength of Italian premium pasta company De Matteis Agroalimentare, producer of Pasta Armando, lies in 800 farmers who grow many special varieties of durum wheat for its mill. Our brand is made of many different qualities of pasta – says general manager Marco De Matteis in the following interview with Italianfood.netstarting with semolina pasta. Last year we launched a new line of spelt pasta, which is organic and has a high fibers content. Moreover, we are also presenting two lines of gluten free and legumes pasta. At Anuga 2017 exhibition, Mr. De Matteis also talked about the company’s export strategies in the biggest European countries, such as UK, Germany, France, and Spain, in the USA, and in Canada. We need to present Pasta Armando’s products in all the markets where pasta is well known.

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