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Negroni brings Culatello in the US

It is the first Italian cold cuts company to export this gourmet specialty to the American market, upon receiving the necessary certifications

The Italian cold cut specialty Culatello di Zibello has arrived in the American market, much to the delight of foodies. It can be served with bread, cheese, vegetables, and wines for a lovely aperitivo moment or a gourmet second dish. Real connoisseurs, however, agree that the best way to appreciate Culatello di Zibello PDO is to eat it on its own, slowly savoring it slice by slice. Considered as the epitome of Italian gastronomy, the Culatello is obtained from the most precious part of selected domestic pork haunch and seasoned with sea salt and pepper, as requested by the guidelines. It is then processed exclusively by hand, filled in a pig bladder, tied, and dried.

The tradition of a high end product

Negroni produces it in the historical Villa Gambara in Zibello, a sixteenth-century house that has been transformed into a true artisan workshop, where the Culatello slowly ages in characteristic cellars that guarantee ideal climatic conditions for its maturation. Negroni is the first company to export Culatello to the United States of America, upon receiving the necessary certifications. American consumers will be able to enjoy its sweet and delicate, yet distinctive flavor. This specialty is one of the symbols of Negroni’s philosophy and its centuries-old history. Always committed to ensuring high-quality standards, the company combines local tradition with modern production techniques with the aim of offering a high end product.

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