Valbona: innovation is the key to success

The “purest” Italian brand, the company from Veneto brings the flavors of Italian food culture around the world. The secret to remain authentic is creating innovation in the name of tradition
Valbona: innovation is the key to success

More than 50 years devoted to vegetable production and a focus on innovation: Valbona in a nutshell. Through the sales of 35 million jars annually, this company from Veneto (Lozzo Atestino, near Padova) exports the flavours and traditions of Italian food to 30 countries around the world. Innovation aimed at proposing new products is one of the main goals of the company. While remaining true to the historical recipes, which made the brand famous worldwide, its R&D department is constantly working on creating new products, capable of meeting not only the preferences of consumers, but also the requirements of new lifestyles. Over the past few years, this approach to innovation has helped Valbona produce great novelties in the food industry.

Preserving the freshness of Italy

This is not just Valbona’s pay-off. It is the mission that adds value to its productions. From North to South through the Islands, the Italian territory features numerous crops (protected by guaranteed supply chains and certifications), which are the fruit of its diverse and unique landscapes. “Pitted Taggiasche olives in extra virgin olive oil”, “Borettane Onions in Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI”, “Spinoso Artichoke from Sardinia PDO”, “Capers from Pantelleria PGI”, “Red Onions from Tropea” PGI, “Pesto alla Genovese”, and “Sicilian Pesto” are just some of Valbona’s specialties: symbols of the territory and Italian cuisine.

Accenti, not the usual pickles

With the launch of a new line of pickled products, Valbona has given new life to this great classic of Italian cuisine, creating a perfect combination with the ultimate Italian appetizer: cold cuts and cheese. The range consists of five items: “Onions in Chianti wine vinegar”, “Gherkins in apple cider vinegar”, “Peppers in red orange vinegar”, “Mixed Vegetables in Malvasia wine vinegar”, and “Julienne Vegetables in Cabernet wine vinegar”. The Accenti range stands out thanks to its elegant vegetables and fine vinegar combinations, which in turn enhances the flavour and freshness of the vegetables. A trendy proposal that targets younger consumers and those who want to bring not only taste but also Italian style to their appetizers at happy hour.

Valbona’s pesto sauces

A good pasta dish is what helps Italian cuisine stand out abroad. Valbona has revamped its range of pesto sauces. In addition to the classics, such as “Pesto alla Genovese”, “Pesto Mediterranean Style”, or “Pesto all’Arrabbiata”, the company has introduced regional recipes, such as “Sicilian Pesto” and “Pesto Calabrese Style”, as well as gourmet recipes for the most refined palates. The latter range includes “Pesto with cut artichokes and almond”, “Red pesto with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI”, and “Pistachio Pesto”.

Valbìo: nature is worth more

Recently, the shopping cart of most consumers around the world has become increasingly green. The tendency to ponder over one’s purchases and look for quality is more common than ever. Valbona has responded to this call. Attentive to the needs of consumers and committed to a more sustainable production, it offers its own organic line to the market: Valbìo. Three oil-packed, pickled products, “Cut artichokes”, “Pitted black Leccine olives”, “sun Dried Tomatoes”, as well as “red” and “Genovese Pesto”: the flagships of the range. All products are grown in environmentally-friendly crops that focus on extensive agriculture, which relies on the natural fertility of the soil, thus promoting natural biodiversity, which in turn excludes the use of synthetic products (i.e. artificial or not natural) or GMOs.

Go vegan go!

100% vegetable, gluten free and cheese free: Valbona’s vegan products. Four tasty and innovative combinations that, above all, respect the environment. “Green Vegan Pesto with tofu”, the traditional Ligurian pesto in a cheese free version, and “Red Vegan Pesto with tofu”, a remake of a great tomato based classic, are Valbona’s answers to the lovers of this tomato-based Italian classic. The “Vegan cream with courgettes and tofu” and the “Vegan cream with peppers, carrots and tofu” are ideal for anyone looking for a tasty and creamy sauce. These are also suitable for seasoning a pasta dish, as a spread on bruschetta, or to give more flavor to vegan burgers.

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