Amazon Made in Italy shop grows with Wine and Food Gourmet

Italian excellent food products, like pasta, jam, sauces, wines and spirits, now available on marketplace
Amazon Made in Italy shop grows with Wine and Food Gourmet

With the launch of the new section, Made in Italy delicious delicacies and refined wines and spirits will be available for Amazon millions customers. From north Italian regions like Veneto and Piedmont to Sicily and Campania in the south, via Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. These are just some of the areas of origin of more than 100 seller who, from now on, will please Italian food customers.

Inside Made in Italy Wine and Food Gourmet sections, clients will find only Dop, Igp, Docg trademarks products, together with specialized operators (like Vinitaly and Ufoody) selected ones. A choice made to ensure products’ Italian origin and good quality.

Among Food Gourmet shop products, customers will find balsamic vinegar, cold cuts and hams, different types of pasta such as paccheri, linguine and maccheroncini, together with canned and pickled vegetables, legumes and toppings. Coffee, jams and artisanal sweets like Baci di Cuneo (in the basic, coffee or Barolo versions) will be also available.

Together with Made in Italy Food Gourmet shop selection, there will be a rich assortment of excellent wines, beers and spirits from Italy’s different regions. From Brunello di Montalcino Docg to craft beer, Prosecco, tamarind and myrtle.

Food products are now available in addition to more than 40.000 Made in Italy shop items. Made by hundreds of craftsmen, they can reach 285 million customers worldwide thanks to Amazon Marketplace.

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