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Maina to record sales ahead expections thanks Walmart

Italy's confectionery companyhas signed new distribution deals in the USA and Mexico, which will double the exports to these countries compared to 2015.

The US are the main market driving international growth for Maina. Thanks mainly to a distribution deal with retailer Walmart in the United States and in Mexico, the Italian company is set to double growth on 2015. While new distribution deals in Canada have bumped up the presence of Maina products on store shelves by 15 per cent. “We are very pleased that Americans have appreciate our premium confectionary products” – pointed out Marco Brandani, CEO and President of Maina comlany– “The goal we want to sort out next year is to confirm the double digit growth forecasted in our recent financial report”. Besides classic panettone and pandoro, from this year the product offer will also include a chocolate chip panettone, featuring dark chocolate and others new launching products for the US and Mexican consumers.

NO BREXIT DOWNTURN FOR THE ITALY’S PANNETONE-  Otherwise, sales in Uk are very encouraging, mainly thanks the specific product ” Panettone Amaretto and Cioccolato” which is sold by Tesco chain in exclusive agreement. Maina, specialised in the production of panettone and pandoro cakes, is an Italian company which last year achieved a total turnover of about 90 million euros. And foreign exports, over the amount of total revenues, account for 13, 5 per cent of the total. Meanwhile, as data shown, the forecast for 2016 is of further growth more. Sales in Europe are performing with Belgium and Switzerland being main markets.



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