Callipo takes ‘Pandoro’ to Australia

Thanks to the cooperation with “City Wine & Food Festival”, a import and export company, with offices in Australia, PanGelato will be distributed in two major supermarket chains
Callipo takes ‘Pandoro’ to Australia

Introduce the Pizzo Calabria (Vibo Valentia) ice cream tradition to Italy and to the world. This is the goal of Gelato Callipo, that has chosen the Christmas season to take their products outside Europe and launch its ‘Pandoro’ in Australia. The PanGelato Callipo, which, on one hand evokes the tradition of the Italian Pandoro, which is typically consumed during the holiday season and on the other gives innovation thanks to the freshness of the ice cream filling, is the perfect dessert to be served in Australia, where the holiday season comes in the summer.
Thanks to the cooperation with “City Wine & Food Festival”, a company specialized in import and export in Australia, PanGelato Callipo will be distributed in two large supermarket chains: Drake (with over 50 stores across Australia and in South Queensland) and Romeo’s (with 29 stores in South Australia and New South Wales).
But as stated by the company, the international expansion project does not stop now. “Gelateria Callipo – it has been stated – is planning for even more widespread distribution and for a further strengthened presence in the Australian market, particularly in Western Australia, Queensland and in Sydney. In addition, for Christmas, the PanGelato Callipo will be presented to consumers with a new look. Available in three versions Tiramisu, Hazelnut Chocolate ripple and Calabria Chocolate Nougat with the new packaging, characterized by a more intense colour that captures the essence of simplicity, quality and tradition, which are typical to the brand”.

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