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Canada and Uruguay remove ban on Italian bresaola

Assica has welcomed Uruguay and Canada decision to lift restrictions on the import of the Italian air cured beef, paving the way for trade in salami to resume

Uruguay voted in favor of lifting the ban on Italian bresaola, together with Canada. Brazil, where the suspension remains in place, does not provide approval to remove restrictions which is yet in force against Italy. While many cured meats have been allowed in the U.S. and Americans since 1989, others are still illegal to import.

A decision on lifting this ban will be taken in light of weather the improvements seen by Assica are sustained. Nicola Levoni, president of Assica, the Italian association of meat and salumi producers says: “There has been a significant improvement in salamis’ expert system. We have been working closely with our Government and foreigner Institutions counterparts”. Even though 2014 was an hard year in results, America is a significant market for the industry. With the ban lifted, Assica and producers hope export wouldn’t hurt consumers anymore, and, with the right export policies, however, Italy can win the price war and solidify in America its place as an exporter.

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