Pasta: export and social media to boost sales

How Rummo Lenta Lavorazione, Delverde, De Matteis, Granoro and Andalini are going to approach foreign markets in 2015
Pasta: export and social media to boost sales

The exit strategy to push sales in the Italian pasta business is internationalisation. Even if the consumption of dry pasta in Italy does not allow for significant growth, looking abroad shows further possibility, thanks to the appeal enjoyed by made in Italy products.

“The emerging countries driving the development on an international level are primarily Russia and the Asian countries”, explains Marco De Matteis, managing director for De Matteis Agroalimentare. “The smaller pasta shapes continue to be the driving force, even if in more mature markets other specialities are making headway.”

“In 2014 we recorded a consistent growth in turnover abroad, thanks to countries such as England, France, Russia and the United States of America”, states Rummo.

Delverde also states that among its aims for the near future, other than a growth in value on the Italian market, there is strong international development in sight, with ambitious plans to strengthen the brand’s presence abroad.

The new areas that the players are concentrating on are not only export but also their communication strategies. If traditional media and the presence at industry fairs continue to interest investors, it is also the new forms of media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which will attract ever more substantial resources. “Communication has changed”, states Marina Mastromauro, ceo of Granoro, “and our products will have more and more presence on social networks and the Internet in general.”

This is a trend confirmed by Stefano Venturi, sales and marketing director for Pastificio Andalini, who concludes: “We firmly believe in social media for our communication strategies”.

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