Gluten free food, a booming business

Consumer demand for products without gluten is rising rapidly. Sales of food untainted by gluten are forecast to grow a further 20% by 2015 according to the American market research firm Mintel
Gluten free food, a booming business

At first, that may seem to be an odd decision, but food industry is finding that gluten free range of product make for a tasty business. Health- conscious Americans were first to embrace it in significant numbers. Sales of gluten free- food and drink have jump up from 5.4 billion dollars to 8.8 billion dollars over the past two years, according to Mintel. Europe is quickly catching up the trend: there is a double digit sales growth in most countries, with Italy and Britain leading the way.

McDonald’s chain, until October the 21th, offers new burgers whose fillings do not contain gluten, an allergen commonly found in wheat, with the view to making the new product a permanent addition into menu. Not only vegetarians are those who avoid gluten. Many fast food chain are getting to be accommodating to people with special dietary requirement and many of its restaurants in America and in Europe do not even serve a meet free burger for vegetarians. Sales in rich countries of food gluten-free are expected to increase by a further 61% by 2017.

As the demand for gluten free- products increase, so do the prices of these items. In some case consumer in the supermarket might be paying more than they should. There are some food naturally gluten free, so it is important look beyond the label. Knowing the difference between labels can help consumers stop overspending.

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