Pasta, a journey from Italy to China

World's leading pasta company Barilla launches its China market-specific product 'Pasta Pronto'
Pasta, a journey from Italy to China

A 137-year-old pasta company, Barilla launched its latest innovative product ‘Pasta Pronto’ specifically designed for the China market, aimed at delivering great tasting, authentic, convenient Italian food to the modern, busy Chinese consumer. It is a plate of pasta ready in only 5 minutes that can be prepared in any Chinese kitchen.

The Italian company looked at the origins of Italian pasta and Chinese noodles and travelled through history to learn about two cultures that share a rich and exciting passion for food and place great emphasis on maintaining the natural quality and original flavour of ingredients, a reason why Italian cuisine is so revered in China. The differences and similarities between Chinese and Italian food cultures were explored.

“We’ve been looking at China for several years now and have accumulated a deeper understanding of Chinese consumers. As a family business, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. We’ll continue to develop and maintain our outstanding craftsmanship and excellent quality, never ceasing to bring new fantastic Italian tastes to Chinese consumers”, Paolo Barilla, deputy chairman, Barilla Group said.

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