Cured meats, when ‘Dop’ makes the difference

Italia Alimentari sets its sights on Culatello di Zibello Dop, an Italian cured meat belonging to the highly regarded Norcian tradition
Cured meats, when ‘Dop’ makes the difference

Traditional Italian cured meats are enjoying growing international appeal. For several years now demand has grown considerably, with interesting trends in terms of turnover in the sector. Alongside the increase in orders, however, is a corresponding rapid rise in the number of imitations and counterfeit products available. The Italian certifications “Dop [1]” and “Igp[2]” guarantee both the origins and the quality of the product, and therefore help us to identify genuine Italian excellence in a crowded marketplace. “We are focussing a great deal on foreign channels, both in terms of our most esteemed cured meats and those products that are of particular demand in specific markets,” states Simona Marolla, marketing representative for Italia Alimentari, Gruppo Cremonini. “We are also working on specific products, above all spiced and flavoured varieties, alongside our important regional offerings. Exports make up around 20% of our distribution network and we intend to grow this, through a focus on exceptional products like Mortadella Bologna Igp, Culatello di Zibello Dop, Culatta di Busseto and Bresaola della Valtellina Igp. All of which have recently received a lot of attention, not least from some of the most influential food guides”. Culatello di Zibello itself is one of the Italia Alimentari brand’s best-selling products, both in Italy and abroad. It is a cured meat made from carefully selected sections of muscular pork hind leg meat, which must have been farmed in Pod certified areas within the Padania region. The meat is sewn and tied by hand, and the ageing process takes around fourteen months inside dedicated cellars in Busseto, Parma.


[1] Dop = “Denominazione di origine protetta” (Protected Denomination of Origin)

[2] Igp = “Indicazione geografica protetta” (Protected Geographical Indication)

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