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Rigamonti: every market, its bresaola

Different products for different markets. Maintaining Italian cold cuts appeal and uniqueness of the products

With the clear growing export trend, Rigamonti bresaola (cured beef) shows up in the global market following tailor-made strategies mostly oriented to the retail and horeca channel.

“Being leader both for productivity capacity and market share, Lamberto Coppa marketing and business director at Salumificio Rigamonti explained, we are fully capable of being flexible & satisfying the expectation of foreign clientele in a multi-channel environment. Indeed, we play a specialized role proposing new beef products suitable for specific needs. Furthermore we count on our partnership with JBS Group, that gives us support and suggestions based on its extensive international experience”.

“Currently, our focus markets are Europe, Russian and neighbouring Countries, Middle East and prospectively North America”. One of the new entries signed Rigamonti is the Halal selection, produced following a strict Islamic procedure. It includes two references, Bresaola of Valtellina Extra Igp (Pgi-Protected geographical indication) either vacuum packed or in plastic tray and turkey bresaola, available in full size. Another innovation is the Angus Line, targeting hedonist consumers that watch out for unique tastes and are keen to try captivating products. The bovine Angus race, moreover, is already very well known mostly overseas for its versatility & suitable for a variety of pairings in every season. The offers of this selection include the Bresaola ‘Punta D’Anca’ Black Angus (i.e. premium eye fillet of beef) and Roast Beef of Black Angus inspired by the traditional Anglo-Saxon recipe selected from the best and most delicate part of the beef shank.


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