Cibus Innovation Corner: the reportage

At the 22nd edition of the international food exhibition, a guide showcasing the Top 100 innovative products, selected by Cibus in collaboration with, unveiled
Cibus Innovation Corner: the reportage

At Cibus 2024, Fiere di Parma and unveiled the Cibus Innovation Corner, a space dedicated to innovation. Within the framework of the 22nd edition of the International Food Exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to discover the Top 100 innovative products, selected by an expert jury and categorized into six major trends poised to shape the future of global food and beverage consumption.

Below is our reportage on the main innovations unveiled at the show:


  • All Local: This trend includes products and ingredients PDO and PGI certified, or sourced entirely from Italy and its regions.
  • Back to Nature: This category features minimally processed or unprocessed foods, all-natural and organic products, and items with zero residues. It also encompasses plant-based and vegetarian offerings.
  • Comfort First: Here, food is synonymous with gratification and hedonistic pleasure, including indulgent products such as sweets and savory snacks.
  • Health & Wellness: This trend focuses on products that enhance mental and physical well-being, including those rich in nutrients, high-protein items, supplements, nutraceuticals, and a wide range of free-from products (gluten, sugar, lactose, GMO, etc.).
  • Horeca Revolution: This category includes products designed for the out-of-home channel, an industry experiencing annual value growth. According to the Deloitte Italian Cuisine Market Monitor, global foodservice revenue reached €2.62 trillion in 2022, with Italian cuisine accounting for €228 billion, growing by 11.1%, and representing 20% of the global full-service restaurant market.
  • Taste of the World: This trend captures classic ethnic foods, as well as products with exotic touches or recipes inspired by international cuisines. Innovation Corner
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