Ficacci: new sustainable solutions to fit US market

The company, traditionally known for producing olives, is targeting US market with new products responding consumer demand of convenience, healthy and sustainability
Ficacci: new sustainable solutions to fit US market

Ficacci launches range of Gourmet Jarred Antipasti and Olive Paper Tray line. The new range of jarred antipasti includes nine SKUS: three bruschetta spreads (Spicy Bomb, Black Olive Spread, and Garlic Spread), four grilled veggies (Peppers, Mushrooms, Borettane Onions, and Artichokes), and two Italian specialties (Sundried Tomatoes, and Grandma’s Asparagus). Each glass jar is available in 10.2 oz. Ficacci says the product range has no preservatives and can be served as a starter or a side dish.


Ficacci’s new Paper Tray Line of Olives and the Mediterranean Olive Platter are innovative products completely free of preservatives, allowing for the olives always to taste fresh. The company is also working to commit to sustainable practices by not using plastic to hold the olives. Instead, the products are packaged in 100% recyclable paper packaging, which makes them eco-friendly. The range of olives available in environmentally friendly packaging includes the famous Gaeta, Cerignola, Castelvetrano pitted and unpitted, Bella Italia pitted mix, and the latest addition – Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives. Paper Tray Line and the new Mediterranean Olive Platter can be found at Rouses MarketsHarris TeeterMariano’sEatalyDierbergs MarketsAssociated Grocers, and Costco. For Costco members, Ficacci has designed the custom-made Paper Board. In Mexico, Ficacci products are available at H-E-B.

Paper Tray Line of Olives


Giuseppe Ficacci, the company owner and export manager, believes 2024 will be an excellent year of growth for Ficacci in the US market. “New main retailers are coming soon, with both our sustainable and conventional product lines,” Ficacci tells

He added, “Club stores are continuing to perform well thanks to the sustainable paperboard. Our business model consists of only two parties: Ficacci (procurement-manufacturing-marketing) and GFI (importing-distribution). Even if product positioning is absolutely premium, the price level is significantly aggressive and profitable for retailers.”

The category of olives and antipasti has shown steady growth in the US market for a few years straight. Ficacci says “the drive is a ready-to-use product, not too salty, liquid less, preferably vegan, and better still, in a sustainable pack.


Ficacci was established in 1964 just outside of Rome in Castel Madama and manufactures olives from Italy, Spain, and Greece. The company is in 30 countries and works in retail, food service, and large-scale retail trade. It produces approximately 20 tons of olives per day.

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