Granarolo bets on international markets

With the implementation of the 2024-2026 industrial plan, the Italian dairy group remains steadfast in its drive towards global markets. Throughout 2024, Granarolo is poised to showcase its latest innovations at prominent international expos
Granarolo bets on international markets

Throughout 2024, Granarolo will headline several prominent national and international trade shows, as part of its strategic drive into global markets. The Italian dairy giant has strategically aimed at bolstering its international sales, leveraging the PDO dairy gems of the Italian heritage and unveiling novel product lines like Granarolo Benessere High Protein and the 100% plant-based Unconventional alternative meat.

These quintessentially Italian, top-tier products, stemming from the premiumization of the supply chain’s milk, are slated to fortify Granarolo’s competitive stance, both domestically and internationally, with a keen focus on the European and American markets.

We’re poised to conclude 2023 with 40% of revenue stemming from international sales, marking consistent year-on-year growth,” asserts Filippo Marchi, CEO of Granarolo. “Under our new strategic blueprint, we aim to solidify our foothold in the domestic market while ascending the global ranks. Our arsenal comprises products that command attention on shelves and dining tables alike, backed by a youthful, agile team committed to innovation, and sustainability, and attuned to emerging consumption trends. Presently, 25% of Granarolo’s revenue is attributed to innovative solutions, a landscape extending beyond product features to encompass critical elements like service excellence and packaging.”


Granarolo has slated participation in 19 international trade shows worldwide throughout 2024: Marca, Sigep, Winter Fancy Food, Biofach, Gulfood, Le Salon du Fromage, Internorga, Alimentaria, Food & Hotel Vietnam, Cibus, Plma, Thaifex – Anuga Asia, Iddba, Summer Fancy Food, Marca China, Cbme Baby Food, Fine Food Australia, Sial, and Fhc Shanghai.


Granarolo will unveil several noteworthy innovations, including:

  • Italian traditional dairy specialties, ranging from fresh cheeses like mozzarella fior di latte to hard and PDO cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Gorgonzola, and goat cheeses. Granarolo clinched recognition with two gold, two silver, and five bronze medals at the 35th edition of the World Cheese Awards.
  • Granarolo Burrata, crafted with 100% Italian milk and cream, is a testament to the group’s strategic investment in a new facility to tap into a burgeoning market.
  • Granarolo Benessere line, housing functional products catering to the entire family, with star performers like Granarolo Benessere High Protein, Granarolo Benessere Accadì Alta Digeribilità, and Granarolo Benessere Kefir.
  • The Unconventional brand, a 100% plant-based alternative meat line produced in Italy, recently expanded with new offerings such as sausage, chicken fillet, cutlet, nuggets, and stuffed ravioli.
  • Granarolo Cheese Snack is a 100% baked cheese snack that’s shelf-stable, rich in calcium and phosphorus, a protein source, preservative-free, naturally lactose-free, and gluten-free.
  • Various ranges from the historic Yomo brand, including Oh my Yomo!, the new bi-component yogurt range selected by Sial Innovation Paris 2022 as one of the standout product innovations.
  • Granarolo Bimbi line, a market leader in Growth Milk 3.
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