Granarolo Baby lands in China

Campaign pages launched on top Chinese social media platforms to boost Italian dairy group's infant product line debut
Granarolo Baby lands in China

Granarolo, the Italian dairy conglomerate and a dominant player in its industry has officially launched Granarolo Baby in China, an international rendition of its distinct product line tailored for children aged zero to three and beyond. The unveiling occurred at the prestigious CBME – Children, Baby and Maternity Expo, held in Shanghai last June, which stands as the world’s paramount event dedicated to motherhood and infant care.

Granarolo showcased a comprehensive range of liquid infant products (0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-3 years), produced in Italy using 100% Italian milk sourced from Granarolo’s esteemed member farmers, with formulations thoughtfully designed to meet the specific demands of the Chinese market.

Among the available products presented in China were:

  • UHT Infant Milk Stage 1 (0-6 months) in 6x100ml packaging;
  • UHT Infant Milk Stage 2 (6-12 months) available in a 6x200ml format;
  • UHT Infant Milk Stage 3 (1-3 years) in 6x200ml packs.

Granarolo stands out as the sole Italian company to possess an official certification from Chinese authorities for exporting infant milk. At the exhibition, both consumers and industry professionals had the privilege of assessing and sampling these offerings, which achieved resounding success thanks to their sensory profile characterized by the use of premium-grade milk, setting them apart from their competitors in the market.

Granarolo Baby boasts a distinctive advantage over the local and international powdered milk formulas currently available. Presented in a convenient liquid, ready-to-feed form, it has been highly favored by Chinese families who appreciate its practicality and ease of use.


During the expo, Granarolo’s representatives were interviewed by Sina News, the parent company of Weibo, China’s counterpart to Twitter. These insightful interviews were featured on the prominent “Mother and Child Care” page, boasting a following of over 1.3 million.

In support of their product range launch, Granarolo has also ventured into the Chinese social media landscape, establishing a dedicated presence on WeChat, the popular messaging and e-commerce app. Through this platform, the Italian company aims to disseminate brand communications, childhood-centric content, and insights into its ingredient selection and premium cheeses.

Additionally, the Italian company is in the process of creating an account on Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), China’s equivalent of Instagram. Here, the strategic focus will be on collaborating with influencers, key opinion leaders, and discerning customers through engaging live-streaming sessions and other partnerships.

As part of its marketing initiatives, Granarolo has planned a series of in-store promotions in major baby store chains across key Chinese cities. These well-organized events will offer families an opportunity to experience the product range firsthand through captivating tastings, interactive Q&A sessions, and social media interactions.

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