Pasta and pastry: the capital is Verona

Verona confectionery and pasta district achieved a remarkable +16.3% performance in exports in 2022
Pasta and pastry: the capital is Verona

In 2022, the Italian pasta and pastry industry experienced exceptional growth, surpassing €4.4 billion, an increase of nearly €720 million (+19.3%) compared to 2021, despite inflationary pressures.


Export-wise, the pasta and confectionery districts played a pivotal role in driving national results, with the Verona confectionery and pasta district achieving a remarkable +16.3% performance, along with the Pasta district of Parma (+27%), and the Alba and Cuneo confectionery district (+12.7%).


While the overall outlook for the sector appears promising, challenges arise concerning the availability of raw materials, particularly due to the drought that heavily impacted 2022, especially in the North-East where approximately 47% of the country’s cereal-growing areas are situated.

As a consequence, maize cultivation decreased by 30% in favor of wheat cultivation, as Veneto farmers shifted their focus to a crop that requires less water and was less affected by the drought in 2022 (Confagricoltura Veneto).

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