New opportunities for European olive farming emerge from Brazil

The 'C.OL.I.BRI. - Inspira sabores verdadeiros' project underscores the South American market's focus

The Brazilian food market has recently emerged as a promising arena for high-quality extra virgin olive oil and table olives, garnering significant attention and favorable responses from Italy’s OP Confoliva organization of producers. The organization has launched an engaging three-year promotional initiative aimed at the South American market, known as C.OL.I.BRI. – Inspira sabores verdadeiros,” with co-financing from the European Commission.

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Strategic promotional campaigns in restaurants, supermarkets, and international trade shows, held across key Brazilian regions, have effectively introduced and celebrated European olive productions. This endeavor has captured the interest of a steadily expanding market, especially within the upscale Horeca segment. The experts from OP Confoliva have presented various European extra virgin olive oil varieties and table olives, elucidating their distinct attributes and guiding attendees in pairing these oils with traditional Brazilian cuisine.

The C.OL.I.BRI. – Inspira sabores verdadeiros project does not conclude here. In its third year of operation, it will introduce further promotional activities in the Brazilian market, drawing from established successful experiences and augmenting its offerings with additional content catering to business operators and European olive cultivation enthusiasts.

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