Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing: 4 Italian retailers included in top-250 ranking

Conad (64th), Coop Italia (87th), Esselunga (116th), and Eurospin (145th) are the Italian retailers with the highest sales. Walmart, Amazon, and Costco are the richest in the world

Walmart, Amazon, and Costco are the retailers with the highest sales worldwide. The major Italian players are still far from the podium, but also constantly growing: Conad (64th), Coop Italia (87th), Esselunga (116th), and Eurospin (145th). This is the finding of the 26th edition of the Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing study, the annual report in which the annual fiscal year to June 30, 2022 (FY2021) results released by the world’s largest retailers are analyzed.

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According to the report, the world’s top 250 retailers generated sales of $5.6 trillion in the fiscal year 2021 (the period from July 2021 to June 2022), with a growth of +8.5%, up 3.3% from the previous year.

Enrico Cosio, Deloitte partner and Head of Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, comments, “While still operating in a scenario full of challenges, the retail world saw a recovery during FY2021, partly due to the partial easing of pandemic restrictions in most countries and a return to pre-pandemic consumption and shopping habits. E-commerce players consolidated their growth with excellent results that added up to record-breaking returns in FY2020.”


The top ten retailers in the rankings contribute 34% of the total revenue generated by the world’s top 250 retailers. The top four positions are stable, with Walmart remaining at the top spot, followed by Amazon, Costco, and Germany’s Schwarz Group. In FY2021, the only Chinese company in the top 10, is growing at a faster pace than its competitors (+25.1%) placing seventh. The top 10, which continues to be dominated by US players, in FY2020 overall recorded a year-on-year growth rate of +8%.

Target, Walgreens, and Amazon saw their respective net profit margins grow by more than +1.5%. The increase in profitability was confirmed despite continued pressure caused by inflation, the energy crisis, supply chain disruptions, as well as rising labor costs.


Europe is confirmed as the most represented geographic area, thanks to the largest number of companies that find a place in the top 250. As many as 90 companies (11 more than in North America and three more than in the previous year) are based in this area, yet only two of them are also in the top 10 (Schwarz and Aldi Einkauf). European companies contribute 33.2 percent of the total retail revenue in the top 250. The most represented countries are Germany (17 companies), the UK (19), and France (12).


Italy’s large retailers performed generally well in FY2021. Three out of four Italian players in the top 250 ended the year with YOY revenues up compared to FY 2019: only Coop suffered a slight decline. Conad confirmed itself as the Italian retail giant, placing 64th. Coop follows in 87th position and Esselunga is 116th. Eurospin closes by placing 145th, gaining eight positions thanks to its excellent performance.

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