The Italian Food Awards are back at SIAL 2022

The cerimony, now in its 7th edition, will take place on October 16 in La Cuisine Hall 5 B, starting at 5 pm
The Italian Food Awards are back at SIAL 2022, the international project of the Food Publishing Group, is back in style at SIAL 2022 to present the Italian Food Awards 2022. The awarding ceremony of the international award dedicated to the most innovative Italian products, now in its seventh edition, will take place on October 16 in La Cuisine Hall 5 B, starting at 5 pm. Awards will be given to the most innovative Italian F&B products divided into 11 categories. For the first time, a special prize will be dedicated to the best internationalization strategy, in partnership with KPMG.


The 98 products evaluated for the Italian Food Awards 2022, nominated by about 50 companies in the F&B sector, were divided into the following categories: Bakery (14 candidate products), Deli (10 products), Frozen (12 products), Ingredients & Cooking Mixes (11 products), Oils & Condiments (13 products), Pasta (6 products), Preserves (9 products), Ready to eat & drink (5 products), Sauces (6 products), Snacks (6 products), Sweets & Confectionery (8 products). Eleven categories, then, to which add the Best international strategy special award, sponsored by KPMG.


In addition to the wide range of PDO and PGI certified items, the new products launched by Italian companies in the last two years follow three trends: the healthy trend, with organic and free-from products, above all aimed at the vegetarian and vegan target; the trend of the historical tradition of Italian production and gastronomy; the flexitarian trend.


The criteria on the basis of which the winning products were selected are business potential that the product can develop in the buyer’s country of origin (focus on sustainability of the supply chain, and production process); level of product and packaging innovation (selling proposition, service content, quality of marketing and communication, attractiveness on the shelf of the packaging of the candidate product).


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