Sperlari the Italian leader in Christmas seasonal product

Already famous for its torrone, pralines, and Christmas confectionery, the Italian sweets company renews tradition and enters the chocolate market
Sperlari the Italian leader in Christmas seasonal product

From celebrations to everyday life, Sperlari’s biggest ambition is to bring people little sweet, unique moments of happiness. It all began back in 1836 in a small store on via Solferino in the Cremona city center, just a short walk from Piazza del Duomo. There, Enea Sperlari combined a personal passion with a business idea. He started selling Cremona’s two famous traditional specialties: torrone (nougat) and mostarda (candied fruit in mustard-flavored syrup).

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The exceptional quality of his creations won over the entire city and beyond: legend has it that celebrated composer Giuseppe Verdi used to visit Cremona just to stock up on his specialties. The Sperlari brand became quickly famous worldwide as an Italian icon and today continues to delight many families just as it did 185 years ago.


Now Sperlari renews tradition as it recently entered the chocolate market thanks to a significant partnership with Dulcioliva, a company with almost 100 years of history in producing chocolate specialties. Sperlari’s new, unique pralines are a combination of premium ingredients and skilled craftsmanship and are still produced in the company’s historic factory in Piedmont – a land with a longstanding tradition in chocolate production.

Sperlari’s praline collection includes two varieties of chocolate truffles (gianduia and assorted nougat with extra dark chocolate) and one variety of gianduiotti, a traditional Italian specialty popular all around the world. Chocolate truffles are a real delicacy, perfect for sharing. The secret of their unique flavor lies in an ancient recipe: top-quality ingredients carefully selected and processed by Sperlari, including premium Italian chocolate and hazelnuts.


More delicious products will be added to the Sperlari family for Christmas 2022. A surprising combination of gianduia and salted caramel, savory Zanzibar Caramel Dorè features a delicious gianduia filling with whole hazelnuts and crunchy caramel pieces coated with the intense flavor of golden salted caramel for a unique experience. The product will be available in two sizes: 117g bags with individual bites for sharing and 250 g bars.

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