Italy’s Nutkao acquires Belgian Boerrineke

Nutkao — one of the most important European producers in the chocolate spreadable creams sector — sets its sights on Europe in the name of Belgian excellence
Italy’s Nutkao acquires Belgian Boerrineke

Nutkao – an Italian company and leading international contract manufacturer that has been creating and producing private-label creams and chocolate for over 30 years (achieving a turnover of over 180 million euros) – is accelerating its expansion plan thanks to the recent acquisition of the Belgian company Boerrineke.

Present on the market for over 70 years and based near Antwerp, Boerrineke is the second brand of chocolate spread from Belgium with around 14 million euros in turnover. Its distribution network is strongly rooted in the country and throughout Northern Europe. The Boerrineke acquisition is part of Nutkao’s strategic commercial and product development plan for Europe specifically focusing on the markets of the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany, where the Piedmont-based group has had very positive feedback.

Appointed as co-CEOs to lead the company are brothers Daniel and Marcel Peeters, who recently joined Nutkao Group: Daniel is the Director of Retail Sales for Nutkao and Marcel is the Director of Industry and Food Service Development in Europe. Boerrineke is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nutkao, bringing its know-how and centenary tradition of Belgian chocolate to Piedmont.


Boerinneke is a strategic acquisition for our company as it has an important presence on the Belgian market, which is universally recognized for the quality and mastery of its chocolate-making process. In line with Nutkao’s strategy, Boerinneke is part of the vision of specializing in more and more products and services, while respecting the values of each local business. With Italy, Ghana, Belgium, and the United States, we are currently focusing on the extensiveness and integration of the supply chain. With this acquisition, we add new skills and an industrial platform even closer to our reference markets and the needs of consumers and industrial clients,” said Federico Fulgoni, CEO of Nutkao.

Local distribution and a strong bond with the territory are the watchwords in Nutkao. Since 2015 our group has launched a strong expansion campaign to better promote local resources. After the first plant was opened in North Carolina (US) for the production of creams for American retail and industry, a second production plant was inaugurated in 2018 in Accra, Ghana, that exclusively processes premium cocoa beans from Ghana. To date Nutkao group, with headquarters in Canove di Govone in Cuneo (Piedmont), distributes its products in 80 countries worldwide, reaching all continents.

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