Playing with food is a trend expected to grow in 2021

In times of uncertainty due to the pandemic customers seek comfort with food. Charcuterie boards are an example of 'playing with your food'
Playing with food is a trend expected to grow in 2021

Indulgent categories like desserts, snacks, and cocktails are prime for innovation in the next two years, whether that’s total reinvention or a focus on revamping the classics.”, says Amanda Topper, Associate Director of Foodservice Research at Mintel.

Other trends expected to influence the foodservice industry this year are:

  • The Great Divide: customers will continue to tighten restaurant spending to more affordable restaurants.
  • Restaurants Redefined: restaurants will have to stay creative and work to create at home celebrations as concerns for COVID-19 persist.
  • Trust or Bust: customers want to see investments in safety protocols and employee welfare. Patrons will also seek to maintain loyalty.


On Instagram, if you search the hashtag, #charcuterieboard you’ll find over 800,000 posts displaying meats and cheeses on cutting boards.
Charcuterie boards are a great way to play with various foods, colors and textures that come across in a very visually appealing way. Putting together these types of boards requires a sense of creativity and playfulness that certainly resonates with consumers right now,” adds Topper. 
Even though charcuterie is a French tradition of preparing and assembling cured meats on a cutting board. The market for Italian cured meats remains in demand for consumers to select and display their work of art at home.


For Veroni, the trend corresponds to the demand. “The charcuterie segment has seen a sharp growth in the past few years with a significant boost in 2020 due to the pandemic. Veroni is benefiting from this trend as we have been able to meet the change in consumers’ needs and behaviors. Today’s consumers are appealed to high-quality, authentic products. They pay attention to production origins and traditions. Therefore, they are more inclined to pay more for premium products such as Veroni’s Italian imported charcuterie,” says Emanuela Bigi, the Marketing Manager of Veroni

Since the launch in October 2020, Veroni’s Enjoy AperiTime charcuterie boards have received a warm welcome from US consumers. 

Imported Italian prosciutto and salame paired with olives, breadsticks, and provolone

According to Tastewise, Charcuterie boards involving Italian meat experienced a +25% bump in menu mentions in October, perhaps in response to the increasing popularity of grazing boards; overall, consumer interest in Italian meats on charcuterie boards is up 67% year-over-year. 

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